4 Reasons you Shouldn’t Depend on a Public Defender

If you are charged with a crime, you need a lawyer. A public defender may be available to help you with the case if your income meets the guidelines set forth by the Dallas courts. But, you should work a few more hours and hire your own attorney if you want to stay out of trouble. A public defender is not the attorney that you want to defend you when so much is on the line. Why do you want to hire your own great defense attorney dallas tx and avoid using a public defender?

1.    Inexperience: Unskilled, inexperienced attorneys often land roles as public defenders. The job is one of the lowest paying in the legal fields. When a public defender is used they give very little. When so much is on the line, you want a lawyer will actually fight for you and defend your rights.

2.    They Only Want to Close the Case: Attorneys want to win your case. They have a reputation to maintain and it simply makes them feel good to win. A public defender doesn’t have anything to prove and simply wants to close the case, whether it is favorable for you or otherwise.

3.    No Time: You need a lawyer who has time to listen to the details of the case and time to spend finding a proper defense to keep you out of hot water. That time is oftentimes available when a public defender is chosen to represent your case.

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4.    Peace of Mind: When you hire a lawyer to represent the criminal matter, you have peace of mind and assurance that you will not spend time in jail or prison or face other serious consequences. You need this when your life’s on the line.